Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye

Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye

Dry eye is a relatively common condition. Your eyes produce tears even when you aren’t crying. This is what keeps them from drying out. If your eyes don’t produce enough tears or if the tear production are poor quality, it can result in dry eye. Our ophthalmologists, at Vision Care & Surgery Associates in Hialeah and Weston, are able to diagnosis if you are suffering dry eye syndrome and can customize a treatment plan for your eyes.

What Are the Symptoms Of Dry Eye?

The symptoms of dry eye can make you feel very uncomfortable. They include:

  • Feeling like there is something in your eye
  • Stinging and burning eyes
  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Eye redness
  • Stringy mucus
  • Watery eyes

Common Causes of Dry Eye

There are a few reasons why your eyes may not be producing enough tears. The most common causes of dry eye include:

  • Aging: As you age, your eyes produce fewer tears than they once did. This is the most common cause of dry eye.
  • Medication: One of the side effects of certain medications is dry eye. A few examples include antihistamines, decongestants, birth control pill, acne medication, high blood pressure medication, antidepressants, and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Medical Conditions: Some medical conditions can cause dry eye, such as diabetes, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disorders, and vitamin A deficiency.
  • Laser Eye Surgery: Laser eye surgery, such as Lasik, can cause dry eye. In most cases, dry eye caused by laser eye surgery will reverse itself over time.
  • Tear Gland Damage: Chronic inflammation and radiation can cause tear gland damage, which can result in dry eye.

How Is Dry Eye Treated?

The most common treatment for dry eye is artificial tears. Our Weston and Hialeah ophthalmologists may also prescribe medicated drops designed to help your eyes produce more natural tears. Eye inserts are often used to treat dry eye. When eye inserts are placed between your lower lid and your eyeball, they will slowly dissolve and will keep your eyes moist all day. In more severe cases, our ophthalmologists might recommend punctal plugs or partially closing your tear ducts to prevent tear loss.

If you are suffering from dry eye, our ophthalmologists at Vision Care & Surgery Associates in Weston and Hialeah can help. We can create a treatment plan to keep your eyes moist all day long. Call our Weston office at 954-945-5570 or our Hialeah office at 305-835-7588 today. 

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