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7 Signs You Might Have Eye Cataracts

Seven Signs Of Cataracts Concerned that you might have cataracts? Check out these seven signs that the condition is affecting your eyes. Fading Of Colors Notice that colors aren’t as vibrant as they used to be? You likely have an eye problem clouding your vision. Increased Need For Light While many people need brighter lights […]

Early Signs of Glaucoma

Early Signs of Glaucoma Glaucoma is a serious eye disease that affects the optic nerve and can result in vision loss and blindness, which is why early detection is important. At Vision Care & Surgery Associates, serving Hialeah and Weston, our ophthalmology team provides comprehensive eye care, including glaucoma treatment, for patients of all ages. […]

Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye

Top 5 Causes of Dry Eye Dry eye is a relatively common condition. Your eyes produce tears even when you aren’t crying. This is what keeps them from drying out. If your eyes don’t produce enough tears or if the tear production are poor quality, it can result in dry eye. Our ophthalmologists, at Vision […]